NEW! "2015 Thunder in the Pennsylvania Mountains"

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136New! "Silver Spring Speedway - A Little Track That Roared!"

Opening in 1954, as one of many speedways in the Central PA "hot bed" of racing, this three-eights mile dirt track soon garnered a reputation as not only the best weekly show on the circuit, but one of the best in the entire country. THE SPRING lost it's lengthy battle against urban sprawl in 2006. But, in this production, memories of the good old "daze" live forever, including moving footage from all six decades of THE SPRING'S existence.
3 Hours & 45 Minutes - $40.00
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Since 1986, Lynn Schaeffer has been producing these very popular racing videos, which have been selling worldwide ever since.  Available in VHS, or DVD, each video has instantly become a "must have" edition.

The Thunder Series...
The main staple of Lynn Schaeffer Productions, this annual production is available starting with 1986. Highlighting the open wheel racing season here in Central PA, action packed and fully narrated, this "Yearbook on Video" is 2 hours long from
1986 through 1998.

Starting in 1999, the running time was extended to a 4-hour, two tape format.  Also included on the later editions are clips from many other parts of the country.

The "Good Ole Daze" Series...
An excellent selection of historic racing videos, always with a touch of the spectacular. This series includes footage from the unparalleled Herb Wolf movie collection. Each tape is fully narrated and 1 hour in length.